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Located 2 miles Northeast of Glaslyn, Saskatchewan is Blue Moon Alpacas, a family run ranch operated by Kevin and Heather Morozowski with their three children Kyra, Grayson and Kelsi. 

In 2006 when our son Grayson's kindergarten class took a field trip out to a local alpaca breeder I was quite mesmerized by the alpacas.   A few of the other moms had been joking about  me talking my husband Kevin into buying a few. Well after the field trip I went home that day and did some research on the alpacas themselves.   Within a few weeks I had managed to talk Kevin into buying our first group of alpacas. One bred female and four geldings.  This was just a dry run to see if we would enjoy them and if we were serious about having the alpacas.   After finding out that we really enjoyed alpacas, we then purchased 2  bred double registered females with the one having a cria at side and a yearling male.   After that we acquired a few more males and females down the line.   Now our herd sits at  26 double registered animals.

At first Kelsi our youngest was very timid around them seeing she was only 4 at the time and they were quite a bit larger than her.   She is now 10 and quite enjoying them. She goes out with her big sister Kyra and helps with feeding and halter training and is also becoming interested in attending shows with her older sister and me.   Grayson our 2nd oldest wasn't that interested in the alpacas, he just found it fun when they would chase his ball around the pasture.   He is now 12 and enjoys cria season and going out and playing with them.   Kyra our oldest was quite excited about getting the alpacas and was out there everyday with them, she is now 14 and not much has changed.   Kyra is still loving the alpacas and she is still out there every chance she gets.   She is my number one helper when it comes to registration, breeding dates, shots and shearing.  Kyra has been my show buddy for a couple of years now and has become quite experienced at showing animals to the judges as well as doing some announcing at a few shows.  She now owns 3 of her own alpacas and is one of the youngest breeders I have met.  Kevin is very supportive when it comes to the alpacas. He is always willing to lend a hand with things. Last summer he installed watering bowls for me, he helps in the winter by bringing out his backhoe to put out bales, he helps every year with shearing and is my main man for fencing, buildings ect.

In 2009 I volunteered in the fleece room at the Lloydminster Alpaca Showcase, and have gone on to become a member of the show committee,  along with TNC Farms, Tiger Lily Ranch, Spruce Park Alpacas, Spellbound Alpacas and Flying G Alpacas.   Through my interest in alpacas I've met a wonderful group of people who may have completely different lives but all have a central interest in the promotion of alpacas and alpaca products.  Alpaca people are truly amazing and I'm a better person for having gotten to know them.  I have gotten interested in attending a variety of alpaca shows throughout Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba and have continued to learn more about these beautiful animals at each show.  I took a shearing clinic put on by Trudy McCall and Cathy Merkley in 2009 and have since been shearing our own animals and doing some custom shearing for some other breeders.

Here at Blue Moon Alpacas we believe in breeding quality animals with the goal of quality fibre and strong conformation in all colours.  Breeding alpacas is something special, you never know what you'll end up with!  Don't be afraid to stop by, the door is always open and the coffee is always on. 

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